Friday, December 4, 2015


It's been almost a year since I published Broken Butterfly and a lot has happened since then.

My publishing company closed, leaving Broken Butterfly homeless. Don't be sad.

A sister company was willing to take on all Crossbooks clients. Westbow Press. Through the next few months, I went through the stages of having them take on my book, they read it, made sure it met their standards, and it was finally in the last stages after taking four months.

Because I was a finalist in a contest with Crossbooks, I had a really nice package. Now, I was told in the beginning of this entire process, that everything would be similar in my package. But, I found out days before my book was going to go live
these were the only things I would receive ...

·         They would publish Broken Butterfly on the Westbow Press website.
·         10 ebook tabs (free ebooks I could give away to whoever I wanted to)
·         Their branding. I guess that was a big deal. It just wasn't that important to me.

That was it.

Not the book sellers return program (and I was so close to getting my book into the Lifeway store) And my number one question to them was this.

Would I keep the book sellers return program?

The reply I received ...
Yes, you will receive a similar package to the one you had with Crossbooks.

They weren't even going to list my book on Amazon or Barnes and Nobles. And it's only by chance I found this out. I had asked an Amazon marketing question. I'm so glad I asked that question.  And you can just imagine my shock when she said, "Why are you surprised?"

I wouldn't consider myself a rude person, like ever. But this was one of those moments, I really wanted to be rude. I laughed-out-loud and said, "Thank you." And hung up.
My daughter looked at me and laughed. I guess I wasn't mean enough. Her attitude is a little worse than mine. Where did she get that from? We really need to work on that!

Now I'm not faulting them in any way other than they should've been straightforward with me in the beginning. I wouldn't have wasted four months of my time or theirs.

So, I decided to publish it myself. It was ready. It had already been published. I sold over 200 personal copies already. Not including my previous online sales. I just needed to get it back up on Amazon.

So I did.

Ya'll. I received my first check from Amazon.

I was shocked!!!

The check was for only 16 days and included ebook sales only. My check from Amazon was 27% more than my only check I received with Crossbooks that included ebook, paperback, and hardcopy sales for 4 months combined. This is because they received most of the profit. The checks were from online sales only. This does not include my personal paperback sales!!

I wonder, did I make the right decision?

I think so.

When I published on Amazon, I chose the KDP select program. I wanted to run a promotion to give my ebook away for free for a certain amount of time.

IN celebration of my one year anniversary ... I'm running a promotion the next 2 weekends. It starts today, Thursday, December 4th and will run through Sunday, December 6th. And then another one will run, Friday, December 11th-12th. You can download the kindle version for FREE on any of these days.

I also chose to allow those who purchase a copy of Broken Butterfly to loan it out. Why would I do that? I want people to read my book. I hope they will love it and want to read more of my books when I get them published.

I didn't know it at the time, but I get paid when people read my books. I found this out when I received my check. So, I am giving a blessing, and receiving one in return. :)

If you enjoyed Broken Butterfly you can really help me by doing a few very simple things.
a)   Download a free copy of Broken Butterfly on any of the free promotion days. This will push it closer to the free bestseller list where it will get more views.
b)   Tell ALL of your reader friends about this promotion, so they can download a copy too. :)
c)   Read the pages of the free copy.

You may think your review isn't important ... but it is. It's so very important. Every review bumps me closer to the bestseller list. ... Plus, the more good reviews a book has, the more likely a new reader is to give it a chance. It is always a factor for me when I choose a book.
It doesn't have to be anything fancy. It doesn't have to be long. Short and sweet is fine with me. Just please, if you've read Broken Butterfly and you loved it, do this to help me get more copies into the hands of new readers. And thank you so much in advance. And let me know if you leave one, so I can thank you personally!!

I'm so blessed to have thirty-two 5 star***** reviews today and one 4 star**** review. That is a huge blessing.
You can find me on Goodreads and Barnes & Nobles too!

I'm working hard with my editor on Chasing Paradise. I will be looking for reviews ahead of time before this one is published!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!