Broken Butterfly

Mallory Scott trusts no one. At twenty-two, she's in a battle for her life. Living in a women's shelter after finally escaping an abusive relationship, the only thing Mallory is focused on is staying safe. But when he finds her again, Mallory must flee the shelter in the middle of the night and rely on the kindness of a stranger to help her create a new life for herself in Paradise, Pennsylvania, far away from everything she knows.

Eric Matthews has what every man wants: a successful job and beautiful new girlfriend. Unfortunately, it seems he is living for everyone else but himself. But when chance leads a mysterious woman to appear in his life, his world is suddenly thrown off its axis. Mallory wants nothing to do with him, and he is determined to find out why. Attracted to the one man she thinks she can never have, Mallory battles with her heart's deepest desires. Her barriers slowly break down until jealousy flares--revealing her haunted past. As destiny remains just within reach, only time will tell if a shocking scheme will separate Mallory and Eric forever.

In this compelling contemporary romance, the past intertwines with the present as a woman searches for the truth that will finally set her free.


Mallory ... collapsed into the sunken mattress and hoped the dreams that haunted her nights wouldn't find their way to her consciousness. Sleep knew no pity.

A rough, deep voice, one she'd never forget, growled in sharp tones a floor below. She opened her eyes, terrified she'd see his face. Her lips quivered, but she didn't cry out. Wrapping the blanket in a death grip around her fingers, she yanked it to her chest.

Stephanie burst through the bedroom door and locked it behind her. "Mallory, you have to get out of here."

Blood rushed to her head. "What do I do?" The whispered question sounded absurd. She'd practiced this scene a hundred times, but the words fell from her lips in a desperate attempt to remain calm.

"Grab what you can. We don't have much time. Jake's outside on the porch."

Mallory stood too quickly and dizziness gripped her. She blinked and focused on the clock. Two fifty a.m. Every muscle of her body fought against her resolve to move forward.

"Bonnie won't be able to hold him downstairs long, but we can't wait for the cops." Stephanie's voice was edged with warning. 

This would be her only chance to escape.

You can find Cindy Patterson in North Carolina with her wonderful husband and three amazing children. Her passions include Jesus, homeschooling, writing, and drama ministry. You’ll find her at any given time with her family on a baseball field watching her youngest son play, as her oldest son and husband coach from the sideline. You can also find her watching her daughter dance, tucked away reading, or cooking when she’s not writing. She's a member of ACFW.

 Coming Soon ... Chasing Paradise