Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's just plain crazy!

Y'all, I have had the most unusual week of my life.

My man reads his Bible, and things that are necessary for his job, but that's about it. He had told me several times, if you get published, I'll read your book. Well, I honestly wasn't anticipating it. Not at all.

But, one night, he gets the book, turns off the TV, and starts reading. He decided that he was tired of people asking him if he's read it and he has to tell them no.

I've never felt such a combination of feelings in my life. 

Nervous: What if he thinks it's stupid? What if he hates it? What if he thinks differently of me?

Weird: Seeing him engaged in a story that I made up left me feeling completely out of my element. I definitely had to do something to keep my mind off what was actually happening.

Amusement: I burst into laughter a few times. He just looked at me, like, what's so funny? Everything about this is funny. And nothing about this is normal.

Then he tells me what he likes about what he's read so far and how he's impressed. And he not only told me that, he's showing me. Instead of sitting down with the remote, he's sitting down with my book for over an hour. Every Night!!! Because he's interested in the story, y'all.

It's one thing to know people are reading my book, but to have the man I love sitting next to me reading it ... it's indescribable. And I'm starting to get used to this, well not completely. But I must admit, I do love hearing him talk about my characters as he's reading and how he could definitely see this being made into a movie. ~insert huge grin~

Then to top off my crazy week, my oldest son, Tyler, told me he and Maddy were looking for a house.

A House? My Son? It seems like just yesterday they were going to prom ...

(Not sure which prom, there were quite a few:)

And then, I'm at the house he and Maddy are interested in, listening as he carries on an adult conversation with the Real Estate Agent. Yeah, they just recently got engaged, but still ... it was crazy. But I'm also crazy proud of them both!! And I pray for God's blessing on their decisions and their relationship.

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I'm so glad you joined me today,

Cindy :)