Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Good Lie ... And Winner Announced

I watched a movie over the weekend and I have to share my thoughts. I love a good drama, but when the film is inspired by a true story, it's even better.

I'm no reviewer, and I DO NOT like to find out what's going to happen in a movie or a book, so I'll try my best to give my thoughts without giving too much away.

 The Good Lie tugged on my heartstrings from the very beginning. The Sudanese children suddenly find themselves in the middle of war. Death is all around them. Their families are gone, their homes are burned to the ground, and they barely escape alive.

As the story unfolds, they lean on each other for strength as they suffer loss, old and new, on their long journey to safety. All they have is each other. Their undying love for one another shines through scene after scene. Their relationships give the true meaning of family time and time again.

Not only will you laugh a few times as they experience culture shock when they come to America, it will play on your sympathies as you compare their traumatized childhood to all we take for granted.

What grabbed me emotionally more than anything else was their faith in God. You experience this as they carry the Holy Bible as their most cherished possession. They pray often, thanking God even though they have little. 

The movie is rated PG-13 with a few choice words and scenes, which is kind compared to many of Hollywood's similar rated films. I usually watch all my movies with our ClearPlay DVD, which filters out anything I don't want to see or hear. Unfortunately, the filter wasn't available yet, and I just couldn't wait. So, usually I'm not the best at giving a review for this reason. 

I buy a lot of movies because I enjoy watching them more than once, and usually wait until they go on sale. This particular time, I rented. But I will definitely buy this one as soon as they get more in stock at Target or maybe I'll wait 'till it goes on sale. :)

On an ending note, I pray that I will be sensitive to the needs of others. I thank God that those who suffer here on earth and still praise his name, will be the princes and princesses of heaven.

(Just a little picture of the good kind of snow I found on my steps this morning)

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