Monday, February 9, 2015

Things to do on a cold, rainy day

Stay in your pajamas, wrapped in a super soft blanket, with a good book and an endless supply of hot coffee. And don't forget a warm, cozy fire.

Have a movie day with your old favorites. A few of my choices would be ...

Pride and Prejudice
One Night With the King
Seven Pounds
City of Angels

Try several new recipes to serve for lunch and dinner.
I love, love, love The Pioneer Woman :)

If you're feeling motivated, clean out your closet. I mean really clean it. Get rid of those things you never wear anymore that have been hanging in the back corner for over ten years. Then organize the rest so they're easily accessible.

Read your favorite blogger's posts and leave a comment! It'll make their day!!

All we need now is a rainy day;)

Today, I was invited to do my first interview on a sister writer's blog. You can read her review of Broken Butterfly and my interview here ...

I hope you'll check it out!! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by,

Cindy :)