Saturday, November 16, 2013

Not a lot of daddy's can do the things you do!

My fourteen year old son spends a lot his free Saturdays outside helping his dad.  Most would complain, not that he doesn't occasionally wish to be inside playing a video game, or at a friend's house hanging out.

But when my husband who always has a project going on, recruits our son to help, I always hear the same thing. Zach works hard and never complains.

The only thing he ever says is ... "Is it time to eat yet?"

Now it's easy to brag about my husband y'all, he's the hardest working man I know. The men he has working for him are the best in the field, and we're very fortunate to have them on board with us.

So when he tells me ... "Zach works just as hard, or harder than my men." You can best believe this mama's heart swells in pride.

Just last night, he tells me... "You know what Zach said?" With a brief pause, he looks at me with a smile lighting his eyes. "Not a lot of daddy's can do the things you can do."

I gave him my biggest grin, because I know that made him feel really good.
It's wonderful to see them spending quality time together. Zach is learning from a wonderful man and he's growing into a strong, young man. These are moments neither of them will ever forget.

And neither will I!