Saturday, February 13, 2016

What? No Blog?

I'm working hard on a new website, but have come to a halt. After much hard work all week ... I've spent way too many hours on this thing. I found out I can't blog from this particular package.


So, I'm back at square one.

And you can't imagine how disappointed I am.

I loved this site. It's gorgeous. I mean beautiful. And I'm going to give it all up.

Yes, I am.

Because, it's not going to allow me to blog. I could just cry. I'm still moving, I'm just going to have to give up my beautiful new page. :**(

I'm not good at this computer stuff y'all. It takes me longer than everybody else. I swear it does. Maybe by the time I finish, I'll be a professional. :) And will be able to do this with my eyes closed.

Yeah. Probably not.

But enough about that. I attended an Romance & Writer's Valentine's Day Party on Facebook. I had a blast doing that. And spent more time on Facebook that night, than I've spent in three months combined. But I met some new authors, won a book from one of my favorite authors, and just had a really good time talking to everyone.

I was thinking about hosting one. But it will take a lot of work. I would have to get some authors to come. Will y'all come if I host it? And what would be a good time to do it?

I know I have trouble with the comments here. That's why I'm moving as soon as I can get my new page going.

I'll let you know the minute that happens. :)

Have a wonderful week.

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