Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Family Traditions

As I sit here with only the twinkling lights of my tree and silence ... okay, except for Mailee has suddenly decided she should warn me about something going on outside somewhere?!?!

Now Sadie's barking.

At least it was peaceful for a minute.

This time of the year is so busy with shopping, and play practice, and deadlines, and we can't exclude our usual daily chores. Add to that ... selling stuff for school and then delivering those items.

To be honest, this was a minor set back to me with everything else I have going on this particular year, and as it turns out, THIS became a huge blessing.

It all started when my youngest son brought home this sheet and said, "Mama, you can't do it. I have to sell them."
Of course, I can only smile. A very proud smile. Homeschooling Zachary for 7 years has not made my son unsociable as some may believe ... it has enabled him to socialize just as well with adults as with his peers.

The only problem with him being in complete control ... He kept forgetting about that paper and because it wasn't out in the open ... So did I.

He pulled it out the day before it was due. So, I did what any good mother would do. I made him a list of family members to call and left him with my phone.

After calling everyone on the list and when a few didn't answer, he reverted to to a few friends from my contact list ;/ ... He sold 27 flowers.

My Aunt Joy wanted to make a donation, but then decided, why don't you instead get the flowers and have your mama give them to those she believes could use a Christmas blessing this year.

And that's exactly what I did.

We visited. Sometimes we had to leave a note ... Sometimes I had Zach and Brooke with me ... Sometimes I only had Brooke ... Other times I only had Zach ... But every time ...  we received the blessing. These will always be remembered as the most precious moments of my Christmas season this year.

It will definitely be a new tradition for our family. Thank you, Aunt Joy.

What's your favorite family tradition? Thank you for stopping by, Cindy :)