Tuesday, December 9, 2014

One of my favorite places

A few years ago, our family headed north to Cooperstown, NY, for my youngest son to play ball at Cooperstown's Dream Park. But on the way, we decided to stop by one of my favorite places on earth. Amish Country.

We stayed in a bed and breakfast in a small town called Paradise.;) 

It's so beautiful. The land seems to stretch on forever. The traffic is crazy. But, I love this place.

This admiration all started the year Rocky and I got married. I went on a trip with our church choir to Lancaster County, PA, and spent a few days. I fell in love with the place, the people, and that led to me reading more about them.

My camera was brand new at the time, so I was just learning to use it and I'm now disappointed I don't have better pictures. 

We had dinner at the Good and Plenty restaurant, and my husband was really thirsty. So, he took his glass and drank half of his tea.
It was very lemony and he didn't like it. And I'm laughing out loud at the memory.

These two cuties below, stretched out on the Amish quilts, are inhaling all the fresh, farm scents seeping through the open windows. ~Insert smile~

We didn't stay long enough. I need at least a few days to see everything I'd love to see and really experience the fullness of being there, of being among the Amish. But, chocolate makes everything better!

The whole trip was an awesome experience, and I'm so glad we were able to go. Even my baby girl had a good time. There was a lot of shopping and baseball sisters.

What kind of parent would I be if I didn't show off my son playing the game? Well, I'm a very proud mama, and I can't help it! :)

A friend and I are planning to take our girls, hopefully next year, for a few days to tour, watch a live show, and hopefully meet some of the friendly people. It will be an awesome field trip.
I can't wait to go back. What's one of your favorite places to visit?

I'm so glad you stopped by, Cindy :)